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Spirit Super USI: MTA0100AU
Spirit Super ABN: 74 559 365 913

Like summer and thongs, super is better together.

Paying multiple sets of fees can significantly reduce your overall super account balance. This means less for you when you retire.

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What makes us different

325,000 members

(at 30 June 2021)

We’re big enough to make a difference, small enough to care

7.97% pa1

10-year average return for Balanced (MySuper) option as at 30 June 2022. 5.83% pa 5-year average.

Strong long-term returns

$67.60 + 0.15% pa 

(capped at $517.60 per year for super accounts) 

Low fees leaving more money for you

1 Past performance isn’t necessarily a reliable indicator of future performance. This figure is the net investment return, after tax and investment fees have been paid.