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Clearing house start-up guide

Factsheet /

This guide will help you set up and use our free clearing house service.

Understanding your super obligations

Factsheet / PDF - 112.3 KB

This gives you a snapshot of your super obligations as an employer. 

Apply to fix contribution errors

Factsheet / PDF - 843.4 KB

If you’ve made an administrative error when paying contributions, you can use this form to apply to have this corrected.

Employer details form

Factsheet / PDF - 143.8 KB

Use this form to join Spirit Super as an employer. You can use this regardless of whether Spirit Super is your default fund.

Application to fix contribution errors

Form / PDF - 143.0 KB

Use this form to apply for a refund or reclassify a contribution/s made in error for a Spirit Super member. If the correction relates to more than one employee or spans multiple financial years you’ll also need to complete the  Application to fix contributions errors - additional information form. 

Application to fix contribution errors - additional information

Form / XLSX - 18.7 KB

Check out the Apply to fix contribution errors fact sheet for more information. 

ATO Super standard choice form

Form / PDF - 315.3 KB

You must complete this form if you're an employer and, you hire a new employee who's eligible to choose a super fund; an existing eligible employee asks you for a form; you can't contribute to an employee's chosen super fund or it's no longer a complying fund or; you change your employer nominated super fund (for the employee's affected by this change of fund).

Defined Benefit members stopping employment

Form / PDF - 124.3 KB

Use this form to let us know if a defined benefit member stops employment.

Spirit Super compliance statement

/ PDF - 205.0 KB

Give this to your employer as evidence of Spirit Super being a complying fund.

We'll be sending Member statements from mid-October and through November to all members. You'll receive your Member statement by email, SMS or post, depending on your communication preferences. If you'd like to see your current balance, log in to Member Online. Log in to Member Online now