Forms & resources

Market volatility

Factsheet / PDF - 303.1 KB

Markets will always move up and down, and the way you react to volatility can make a big difference in the long-term.

Our Sustainable investment option

Factsheet / PDF - 235.7 KB

Responsible investment means different things to different people. Here you can find out more about our Sustainable investment option. 

Boost your spouse's super

Factsheet / PDF - 3.8 MB

Information on the spouse contribution tax offset and how you can split your eligible contributions with your spouse.  

Boosting your super with government help

Factsheet / PDF - 2.1 MB

Information on the co-contribution and low-income superannuation tax offset strategies, including the income thresholds. 

Claiming tax deductions for contributions

Factsheet / PDF - 969.3 KB

Information in relation to the claiming of tax deductions for contributions. 

Early access to your super

Factsheet / PDF - 1.4 MB

Information on the special circumstances where you may be able to access your super early. 

First home super saver scheme

Factsheet / PDF - 2.1 MB

Information on using the tax-friendly environment of super to help save a deposit for your first home. 

How much super do you need?

Factsheet / PDF - 455.9 KB

Information on how to work out how much super you’ll need in retirement.  

Salary sacrifice and super

Factsheet / PDF - 2.8 MB

Information on the salary sacrifice strategy. 

Super contributions

Factsheet / PDF - 2.8 MB

Information on the different ways you can contribute extra money to help grow your super savings. 

Temporary residents departing Australia

Factsheet / PDF - 2.9 MB

Information on how you can claim the super you earned as a temporary resident once you leave Australia.  

Thinking of downsizing your home?

Factsheet / PDF - 872.8 KB

Information on how members aged 65 and over could contribute the proceeds from the sale of their family home to super. 

Transferring your super to a KiwiSaver

Factsheet / PDF - 544.2 KB

If you’re permanently moving to New Zealand, you can transfer your Australian super to a KiwiSaver scheme under the Trans-Tasman portability scheme. 

Guide to providing proof of ID

Factsheet / PDF - 163.2 KB

Information on how to provide your proof of ID. 

Member Online

Flyer / PDF - 94.2 KB

Information on what you can do in Member Online to look after your super.   

Insurance in super - key fact sheets - default A cover

Factsheet / PDF - 446.6 KB

High level information about our default cover for category A members. 

Insurance in super - key fact sheets - default B cover

Factsheet / PDF - 448.5 KB

High level information about our default cover for category B members. 

Making a death claim

Factsheet / PDF - 2.3 MB

Information on the process for dealing with a death claim. 

Nominating your beneficiaries

Factsheet / PDF - 324.7 KB

Information on the different types of nominations you can make for your death benefit. 

Retirement bonus

Factsheet / PDF - 1.2 MB

Information on a bonus you may be eligible to receive when you open a pension account with Spirit Super. 

Super and family law

Factsheet / PDF - 198.3 KB

Information on the process of what can happen with your super while going through a divorce. 

Paying advice fees from your Spirit Super account

Factsheet / PDF - 575.4 KB

Information on some of the principles we’ll apply when allowing payment of advice fees from Spirit Super accounts.