Pension fees and costs

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Summary of fees and costs

A summary of the fees and costs for Spirit Super pension accounts. For super accounts, see super fees and costs.

 Type of fee


How and when paid

Investment fee1,2

Conservative – 0.46%

Moderate – 0.56%

Balanced – 0.64%

Sustainable – 1.00%

Long-term – 0.58%

Growth – 0.73%

Cash – 0.05% 

Diversified fixed interest – 0.28%

Australian shares – 0.51%

International shares – 0.57%

Deducted from investment returns before unit prices are determined and directly applied to your account. Performance-related fee estimates and transaction costs are included in the investment fee.

Administration fee2,3

$67.60 plus 0.10% of your account balance each year (the percentage fee is capped at $450 each year).

Calculated daily and deducted monthly from your account.

Buy-sell spread



Switching fee



Advice fees4


Fees for general and intra-fund advice are included as part of the administration fee.

Indirect cost ratios



1 Investment fees are estimates and are normally calculated as at 30 June each year based on actual fees for the previous financial year. Due to the merger of MTAA Super and Tasplan in the 2020-21 financial year, most of the actual fees (2020-21 historical fees) were lower as a result of the amount of passive investments held in transition accounts. Following the merger there was an increase in the number of active managers in the portfolio structure. For this reason, using the actual fees (2020-21 historical fees) isn’t a good indication of current and ongoing fees. The investment fees above are estimates of what the likely ongoing investment fees will be based on information available to us when preparing this table.

For further information see the Additional explanation of fees and costs in our Pension guide. The actual investment fees for the current financial year may vary due to changes to the underlying investments.

2If your Spirit Super account balance is less than $6,000 at 30 June each year or when you close your account, the total combined amount of administration fees, investment fees and indirect costs charged to you is capped at 3% of your account balance. Any amount charged in excess of that cap must be refunded. If you hold more than one account with us, we’ll assess each account separately. 

3If you have more than one Control Pension or Managed Pension account with us, the $67.60 yearly fee is only charged once and applied proportionally across all pension accounts based on the number of days each account has been open during the month. The percentage fee cap of $450 will apply on the combined total of your pension accounts. 

4 We can provide general and intra-fund advice about your Spirit Super account at no additional cost. For comprehensive advice, you can meet with a Spirit Super Advice financial planner and they'll advise you of any fees you'll pay. The advice you receive and any fees you'll pay, will also be set out in a Statement of adviceRead about our advice options.

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For information about the fees and costs that apply to pension accounts, read the Pension guide.

Pension fees

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