Our ESG priority targets

We have set five ESG priority targets to help us back small businesses, strengthen our communities, and support a transition to a low carbon economy.

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Target 1: Allocate more than 15% of funds to Impact Investments

We will allocate at least 15% of our portfolio towards Impact Investments. We will seek out compelling investment opportunities that address specific socio-ecological issues or exploit ESG-related trends or developments. We will also invest in companies and technologies dedicated to building a brighter future for our communities and our planet.

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Target 2: Reduce the portfolio’s carbon footprint

We believe climate change poses are real and tangible risk to our investment portfolio and are committed to supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy. 

By 2030, we will:

  • cut our attributable CO2 emissions by 50% 
  • cut our attributable fossil fuel reserves by 50%

We are also committed to investing sustainable energy infrastructure. Currently we support approximately 20 sustainable energy farms, plants and projects across solar, natural gas, biomass, and energy conversion in Australia. 

This investment supports the transition to renewable energy, and the value of these assets are expected to grow as this broader transition takes place across the economy.


Target 3 small business

Target 3: Invest $1.5 billion in small business by 2030

We will invest $1.5 billion into small businesses across Australia through the “Go Australia” growth platform, with a focus on restoring local manufacturing, local service, and supply chains.

At least 50% of this investment will go into regional Australia. 


Target 4 new jobs

Target 4: Create 100,000 new skilled jobs in Australia

We aim to create at least 100,000 new skilled job opportunities across Australia. At least half of these opportunities will be in regional Australia.

Case Study: National Dental Care (NDC)

In late 2021, we invested in National Dental Care (NDC), one of Australia’s leading dental groups. 

NDC has over 60 practices across Australia, including in the Central Coast, Dubbo, Townsville, and Mount Isa, and employs over 375 dentist and clinicians and over 700 support staff. 

Through NDC we can support local and regional economies and ensure that essential services are accessible to our members and their loved ones. The dental market is also a growing industry with great potential for long-term value growth.


Target 5 Modern slavery

Target 5: Eradicate modern slavery from supply chains by 2030

We will eradicate all modern slavery from our supply chains by 2030. 


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