The Long-term option aims to achieve moderate to high investment returns, while accepting a medium level of investment risk. This option is only available as part of a Managed Pension.


The Long-term option is solely used to deliver the Managed Pension investment strategy which aims to provide members with stable, regular payments, indexed to general price inflation, until age 90 (but this is no guarantee). The graph shows the value of an initial investment of $1,000 in this option over time.


    Investment performance shown to 30 March 2021 is for Tasplan’s Long-term investment option. (The Long-term investment option commenced on 1 July 2019.)

    Over rolling 5-year periods, after tax and fees.

    Deducted from investment returns before unit prices are determined and directly applied to your account. See important information below.

    Risk band 5

    You may expect 3-4 negative annual returns in a 20-year period.

    The Long-term investment option is only available as part of the Managed Pension. If you have another account type, you won’t be able to invest in the Long-term option.

    Strategic asset allocation

    This is the target range for holdings in each asset class within an option. The asset allocation may be re-balanced within these ranges to help achieve the option’s investment return objective.

    Investment fees are calculated looking back at 30 June each year and are estimates only. The actual investment fees for the current financial year may vary with large investment acquisitions, divestments and/or changes in portfolio managers. Investment fees are disclosed gross of income tax. Any benefit of an income tax deduction relating to these fees will be applied to your account as part of the unit price for that option.

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