Nominate who gets your super

The aim of super is to give you and your loved ones a better future. It’s important you tell us who you want your super to go to when you pass away. 

Your super can carry on 

By nominating one or more beneficiaries, you're telling us who should get your super, and any insurance benefit, when you pass away. You can do this by making a binding or non-binding nomination.

Make a binding nomination

With a binding nomination, we’re legally bound to pay your super and any insurance benefit (your death benefit) to your nominated beneficiaries when you pass away.

For a binding nomination, you can nominate your legal personal representative or dependant/s and you’ll need to sign a nomination form in the presence of two witnesses over over age 18.

A binding nomination is valid for three years from the date you and your witnesses sign and complete your form. You can renew, change or cancel your binding nomination at any time.

If your binding nomination isn’t valid when you pass away, we’ll work out who to pay your benefit to as though you had a non-binding nomination.

Binding death nomination 

Download the Make a binding death benefit nomination form.

Make a non-binding nomination

With a non-binding nomination, you let us know who you prefer to get your super and any insurance benefit (your death benefit) when you pass away. We’ll try to pay your benefit as directed but may use discretion when deciding who gets your benefit and in what proportions.

Your non-binding nomination won’t expire, but you can update or cancel it at any time.

To make a non-binding nomination, log in to Member Online.

Want to know more? 

Read our Nominate your beneficiaries fact sheet.

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